Wrinkle Fillers – Restylane® & Juvederm®!

Fill in the cracks and crevices of time at Elavina Salon and Spa

All About Restylane®

The Restylane line of hyaluronic acid fillers is used to smooth away wrinkles and fine lines ( Restylane & Restylane Lyft), create fuller and more accentuated lips ( Restylane Silk), and add lift and volume to the cheeks ( Restylane Lyft). All Restylane products work to enhance facial features and give long-lasting, yet non-permanent results. The Restylane line of products are designed to act like your body’s own naturally produced hyaluronic acid. Our NASHA® technology allows a unique particle size for each Restylane product, which means they offer tailored treatments for individual, natural-looking results.

With minimal downtime and no surgery, products in the Restylane family are used to:
* Add volume and fullness to the cheeks ( Restylane Lyft)
* Correct moderate to severe facial wrinkles and folds and “smile lines,” the lines from your nose to the corners of your mouth ( Restylane & Restylane Lyft)
* Treat “lipstick lines” or perioral lines around the mouth and to create fuller, more accentuated lips ( Restylane Silk)
That means you get minimally invasive, clinically proven, natural-looking results to help achieve the look you want. Results last up to 1.5 years.

Read more at: www.restylaneusa.com/resources

All About Juvederm®

The JUVÉDERM® collection of fillers is made from hyaluronic acid (HA). What’s interesting about HA is that it’s a natural substance in the skin that delivers nutrients, helps the skin retain moisture and softness, and adds volume. Each product in the JUVÉDERM® collection of fillers is made from a modified form of HA.

* Whether you’ve noticed your lips thinning over time, or simply want fuller lips, JUVÉDERM® Ultra XC can give you natural-looking results that last up to 1 year.
* Over time, your skin loses elasticity and moisture, which contributes to moderate to severe parentheses lines and wrinkles around the nose and mouth. While serums and creams can help moisturize the skin’s surface, JUVÉDERM® XC adds volume to smooth these lines and folds, to help give you the natural-looking results you want that last up to 1 year.
* Wrinkles and lines aren’t the only signs of aging. Over time, the cheeks flatten, and the skin may begin to sag. This is caused by a natural loss of volume in the cheek area, or what the experts call age-related midface volume loss. JUVÉDERM VOLUMA® XC is designed to add volume beneath the skin’s surface to lift and contour the cheek area. Results last up to 2 years.

Read more at: www.juvederm.com/before-and-after-photos

*Please inform scheduler at least 1 week prior to your appointment should you wish to use a Juvederm product as these require special order.

Filler treatments can reduce the signs of aging, by smoothing out deep crevices, wrinkles, crows feet, frown lines and more! Interested in getting a medical filler procedure? Check out all our new services linked here— Vitalize Peel, Xeomin, Restylane, and Juvederm. Give Elavina Salon & Spa a call today at 603-232-3448 and come enjoy a well-deserved pampering. Our full service beauty salon serves clients from Manchester, Bedford, Amherst, Nashua, and Concord.

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