Not All Salons Do Balayage Like We Do

Our balayage stylists are here to give you that natural hair painting look you desire.

Salons that do balayage can be hard to come by because it takes a special kind of stylist to perfect this beautiful technique. Unlike foils, balayage is done freehand by the stylist and as such, can almost be seen as an art form. The balayage technique is sometimes referred to as “hair painting” because that’s exactly what the stylist does—paints color onto your hair to give it a natural sun-kissed glow.

Balayage has become so popular because it looks so natural. With foils, you get a more precise color pattern. With balayage, the color patterns are less uniform. Not only that, but balayage requires much less upkeep. This is because there isn’t as stark of a contrast in color when your hair grows out. In other words, your roots don’t appear as drastic. These softer regrowth lines mean less maintenance. Some people dread when their color starts to grow out, but with balayage, your hair grows out gorgeously.

A balayage stylist usually mixes up the color tones they use and the thickness of hair strands that they paint. Our stylists will recommend what colors would look best based on your current hair color and your skin tone. Balayage is particularly popular among brunettes because it allows for some easy-to-maintain blonde streaks. However, balayage looks good on all hair types—straight, wavy, curly, blonde, brunette, you name it!

Balayage Partial – $139 and up

Balayage Full – $179 and up

Our salon’s balayage stylists are ready to give you that natural sun-kissed glow you’re dreaming about. Since balayage is a special skill in and of itself, you must schedule an appointment with one of our seasoned stylists for this special kind of hair coloring. Give us a call today to set up a session at 603.232.3448. Our full-service beauty salon serves Manchester and surrounding areas, including Bedford, Amherst, Nashua, and Concord.

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