Hair Color Correction Services in Bedford, NH

Prompt action is crucial for safe color correction from Skilled Hair Stylists and Professional Colorists

Need a hair color correction? Something went wrong and you need a great Manchester salon –

It’s a hair 9-1-1.

Maybe you and a friend tried a do-it-yourself dye job before, say, a girl’s night out is now embarked on a more time-consuming and expensive adventure than you planned. Maybe your usual stylist was thinking about an upcoming vacation while they were supposed to be attending to your hair. Or they took that vacation and you just can’t get in. Maybe too much chlorine made your hair green.

These things happen more often than you might think – and anyone is enough to send even the most collected woman into a panic. We’ve seen just about everything that can go wrong with your hair’s natural color and we know how to help. We can fix color mistakes for all hair shades, light and dark, and from all types of dyes. Our technicians can step in and save the game when it’s late.

Sometimes, and it happens to the best stylists, you get a color that you just don’t like, or just didn’t come outright. A situation like this may just call for tweaking, not a total correction and we know the difference. We fix these, too.

The safest route is to find and retain an experienced hairstylist from the outset, before trouble happens, one who knows you, and who can tell you what color is right for you, given your unique features, skin tone, and eye color.

And for our established customers you’ve earned our gratitude, and we always owe it to you to slide you in between appointments throughout the day or have someone open up early or close up late. We appreciate your loyalty.

For color corrections to your hair and other “hair-mergencies,” Elavina Salon and Spa of Manchester, NH has an appointment for you when you need one. You’ll never leave our salon needing any major corrections and our full-service salon will get you in when others can’t. Call us at, (603) 232-3448.

Color Correction

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